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It provides mental health and related services that are on the rise within the University environment. The Office generally offers a variety of services including individual and group counseling, psycho-diagnostic testing, crisis assistance, campus outreach programs, consultation services, and graduate student training. Though services primarily target mental health problems (i.e., anxiety, depression), students also utilize counseling services to enhance areas of their life, including relationships, career/vocational choices, academic and athletic performance, and exploring psychological strengths. Each program in this Office has a different focus but all have the same goal—to promote student mental health and well-being in all aspects of life.

Head of Faculty: Dr. Abdul Ali Gharaati

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The Office works for promoting Islamic educational services both qualitatively and quantitatively with the efforts of the staff and academic members as its asset. The Office focuses on the study of Islam as a praxis and scientific discipline. It seeks to be a center for expertise, education and academic research in the field of Islam.














The office provides every curriculum (program) creditable toward a degree and provides information and resources related to program registration. The Registration Office in the heart of this office is responsible for the administrative handling of all students, from enrolment to deregistration. They also look after the application and admissions processes for courses with local admission restrictions (first and more advanced semesters). Prospective students and students can receive advice from the Students' Registration Office for any matter concerning the application process and enrolment procedures.

At Shahid Ashrafi Isfahani University, the Education Office has overall responsibility for both research and education. This dual responsibility reflects the symbiotic relationship between research and graduate education; success in one is closely aligned to success in the other. The mission of the graduate program is to "foster excellence in research and graduate education." 

The Office leadership team that consists of faculty and staff members represents various disciplines of research and education. In addition, an extensive network of operational support is in place to support the office’s mission.










The mission of the International Office is to enrich the academic, research and cultural experience of University students, staff and employees, to increase the visibility of the international community and to promote educational and cultural exchange. The Office provides the University staff and students with advising services consistently and thoroughly. Meanwhile, the Office takes the necessary measures to provide the condition for joint research projects, exchange of academic staff and students, exchange of materials in education and research, exchange of information and faculty members’ visits. Thus, this office manages ongoing schedule of visits by Shahid Ashrafi Isfahani delegations to institutions in other regions of the world and hosts visits by delegations from international universities.  Please contact us if you think that your department would benefit from involvement in any of these visits.

Head of Office:  Dr. Zhaleh Beheshti

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Coordinator:  Batoul Sadeghi

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The Office of Financial Affairs provides financial and administrative leadership and management to support the University’s academic mission. It also assists students with the costs of their educational investment. Its committed team of professionals works in partnership with students,  providing information on available options and assisting them with the financial aid process.