10:48 - Wed 24 July 2024


This is the governing body of the University, who exercise guardianship over assets and resources, ensuring their effective management, control and use.


Dr. Sayed Mohammad Hosseini

Field of Study: Jurisprudence & Principles of Islamic Law

Mobile: +989121114175


Dr. Ebrahim Kalantari

Field of Study: Hadith & Quranic Sciences

Mobile: +98912252 6468


Dr. Hossein Jamalizade

Field of Study: Propaganda

Mobile: +989199685795


Dr. Hamid Reza Tabatabaei

Field of Study: Private Law

Mobile: +989127566000


Dr. Mohammad Mehdi Mazaheri

Field of Study: Strategic Management

Mobile: +989121260986


Dr. Reza Enshaei

Field of Study: Mathematics

Mobile: +989133060258

Dr. Ali Esmaeili

Field of study: Strategic Management

Mobile: +989128455134


Dr. Abdul Ali Gharaati

Field of Study: Educational Planning

Mobile: +989131140333


Dr. Hamid Reza Najari

Field of Study:  Infectious Disease

Mobile: +989122011079