02:06 - Tue 25 June 2024


The range of resources, services and facilities that the university provides will assist the students to complete their study successfully. They arranged by different offices at Shahid Ashrafi Isfahani University as follows:

  • A wide range of books, journals and magazines in Farsi and a variety of languages within the library of the University provided for both students and academic members.
  • Networked PCs across the University provide access to Microsoft Office Software, allowing the students to word process access assignment, generate spreadsheets and produce presentation materials.
  • Lunch and dinner served in the restaurant throughout the weeks except Friday. There are two locations for having meals including student self services that are subsidized by the University. They have been assigned to male and female students separately. Meanwhile two small cafeterias provide cold meals, fast food and soft drink with reasonable prices.
  • Copy centers as well as snack food shops open from mornings to late in the evenings.
  • Two main saloons available for meetings and other scheduled activities.
  • Video machines available for individual and group viewing.
  • The University offers the equipped workshop for the Civil, Architecture and Computer students.
  • Two resident halls, where foreign lecturers, researchers and visitors are accommodated, are available within the University.
  • Various cultural and sport activities are offered by the University and the University is proud of having facilities for such activities.
  • A multipurpose sports center, with a major hall marked for volleyball, basketball, badminton, and tennis.
  • The prayer room is available for students and staff and different cultural, political and religious activities run within it throughout the week.
  • The Art Gallery presents students' creative works
  • Opportunities provided for the University community to be involved in group discussions, meetings, conferences, informal conversation and social activities.
  • The majority of students are provided with accommodation services in different dormitories in the city.
  • A comprehensive health service is provided by the University counseling center for health checks.
  • Orientation that is a two-day program for new students, hold every September. New Student Orientation Program provides all new students with the necessary information and services to ensure a smooth and successful transition to Shahid Ashrafi Isfahani University and set them off to a great start!
  • Psychological counseling that is group and individual counseling to help relieve tension and develop coping skills.
  • The University has a strong financial aid program to assist its many able and qualified students who could not otherwise meet the cost of tuition.s