10:16 - Wed 24 July 2024

The Faculty is designed to provide students with an understanding of principles and applications of biotechnology and broad knowledge and training in the scientific and practical aspects of Microbiology through courses, hands-on laboratories and project-based research experience. The faculty members have active scientific collaborations with various distinguished academic centers At the moment there are 3 laboratories actively involved in research projects and training: the research areas of focus and strength being pursued in these laboratories are: stem cells, biomaterials, tissue engineering, nanotechnology, medical biotechnology, systems biology and medical genetics.  

The majors offered at this Faculty are as follows.

Faculty of Sciences and Biotechnology


Dean of Faculty: Dr.  Sayed Hamid Emami


Head of Departments:


Undergraduate Degrees


Cellular & Molecular Biology



Postgraduate Degrees


Industrial Microbiology

Microbiology (Pathogenic Microbes)